My three best achievements – old pic, but one of my faves

Hello there, thanks for stopping by.  I’m Paula Battle, a UK-based working mother of three. Blogging for me is a hobby, and a place to get my thoughts down in some sort of order.

I love writing, and mostly write for a living, but here I’m doing it for me, writing honestly about the trivial things that occur to me in the wee small hours or the big things that stalk my mental corridors.

I work full time in communications so my blogging habits are erratic to say the least. In my professional life I work with a range of clients, vacillating from the safety of children’s TV (until very recently I was the Twitter voice for Bing Bunny) to the Open University – part of #TeamSocial (we’re the funny ones); and the (at times) NSFW, but always engaging author Matt Pucci, amongst others, and I relish the individual challenges that each throws at me.

Look up on Twitter, I’m @peabee72.

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Important note…

For better or worse this blog and all of its contents (unless otherwise noted) are the intellectual property of Paula Battle.   If you’d like to reproduce any of the contents  I’d be delighted, but I’d also expect for you to have asked permission first.

Any contravention of this statement will be met with more than a ‘tut tut’ and a visit to the naughty step.