Pre-match nerves

by Paula on September 29, 2012

I’m not a helicopter mother. I don’t tend to stress (too much) about how my children are doing academically. I try and keep up with the spelling tests, times table tests, projects, homework, reading, etc etc and all the other academic necessities that come home with three children, and they seem to be doing ok despite my failures.  I worry about how happy they are, self-flagellate about the 6yo and her aggressive tendencies, beat myself up about the 7yo’s eating problems and berate myself about how hard I am on the 10yo, but overall we’re happy and (I think) they’re individually happy.

On Thursday the 10yo sits the first of his two 11+ exams. The outcome of these two exams will decide his academic future.  A pass means he’ll go to the local grammar, the school he’s had his heart set on since Year 2.  A fail will mean he goes to the local comprehensive, the school that has gone from being bottom of the pile and special measures to number 4 or 5 in the county. Both are at the end of our road.  Both will offer him excellent opportunities in different ways.  But to him one means success, the other failure.

I’m beyond nervous.  He’s been having weekly tuition since January.  I’ve never pushed him and yet he’s done every bit of his homework, self-motivated and worked hard to get where he’s got.  By rights he should pass, but what if he doesn’t?  I’m beyond nervous and desperately trying not to show him.  Finding the balance between encouraging him, congratulating him every time he achieves his target % in his test papers and overdoing it, hot housing and making him feel the pressure.  That’s the trick to it all.

We get the results on November 30th.  It’s going to be a long few weeks…..

Good luck Boy Wonder.


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