The Puberty Discussion

by Paula on April 25, 2012

My children go to a very modern school.  The school photos are the kind with hula hoops and ‘cool’ poses that Tara Cain detests, and they communicate almost exclusively by email.

Most of the 20 or so emails I receive a week are about head lice (seriously people, get a Nitty Gritty* already) but yesterday’s sent a cold little shiver down my spine:


“Dear Parents

Year 5 Puberty Discussion

As part of the Year 5 PSHE and Science curriculum, the children will receive a talk from the school nurse regarding ‘puberty and adolescent issues including relationships’. This talk will take place on the morning of Friday 4th May.

The session will include a DVD screening about ‘puberty and body changes’ which girls and boys will view together. Following the whole class session the girls and boys will then separate for puberty talks particular to them. This will give the children the opportunity to ask any questions they may have in confidence.

If you would like to view the material being shown to your child before they attend the session, there will be a parent screening of the DVD on Tuesday 1st May at 5pm. If you would like to withdraw your child from the session, please use the reply slip below.”


What?! Puberty discussion? Oh god, oh god, oh god.

Okay *calm face*, the Boy Wonder is 10.  It’s not inappropriate to talk to him about puberty.  I’ve already talked to him about the fact that touching himself when we’re watching TV is off-putting and can he please do ‘that’ in another room. I’ve bought him deodorant.  I’ve explained that there are changes afoot, and lord knows I’m riding the pre-teen hormonal wave. But an official talk at school?!

After pick up, in the official ‘safe zone’ that is the car (no eye contact), I told the 10yo what was coming. He shuffled uncomfortably in his seat, made me confirm exactly what day the talk is going to be on, and gave me the sucked lemon face when I told him I’d be on hand for any questions afterwards.

Who was it that was telling me that the primary years were a breeze compared to the teens? Okay, I get it now…… Help!


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