If you’re here because you’re wondering what WeShop is all about then you’ve come to the right place. As the Communications Director of In the Powder Room I’d like to think I’ve got a handle on this technology that we’ve spent the last two years developing.

So how can I best explain it?

WeShop creates a perfect love triangle between The Consumer, The Retailer and The Product Champion by creating:

1. An authentic online shopping experience for The Consumer

2. An innovative way to make money by leveraging  your online influence for The Product Champion

3. A robust platform to sell product and retain direct contact with the consumer for The Retailer


You’ll find lots of information on the In the Powder Room blog and on the WeShop FAQ pages, but here’s my explanation of the WeShop experience.

1. The Consumer – You want to pay a fair price for a great product

First and foremost WeShop is an online store, and the transactional part of the shopping experience is exactly what you would expect from any e-commerce site. You can view and buy products in your local currency, you’re able to rate and review the products you buy, and you receive the product direct from the retailer so any issues or problems can be dealt with and resolved quickly and easily.

The only difference is the route that you’re likely to have taken to get to WeShop. The model is built on the premise of referral and recommendation – it mirrors the natural way that we shop ‘in real life’, which bring us on to:

2. The Product Champion – You want to earn 15% commission on sales

WeShop is built around the idea of a Product Champion. Someone with an established online voice; she blogs, tweets, FBs, IGs, G+ and goodness knows what else, and she’s part of a community that trusts her. As bloggers we know that our voices are desirable to brands, but that relationship is often one way traffic. We might get offered some nice products to review, we might even get paid for doing it, but we haven’t selected those products, we don’t necessarily BELIEVE in those products. That’s where the WeShop model is changing things.

As a product champion you’ll create the relationship with a retailer. You’ll bring a product to WeShop that you genuinely love and want to champion.  This could be a product made by a friend of yours, someone who you want to help grow their business and you’re prepared to work to get them there. You come to WeShop because you want to earn money from your online influence and in doing so grow demand for the product(s) of:

3. The Retailer – You’re happy to accept 80% of RRP in return for authentic advocacy and increased sales

You make great product(s) and you want to reach more people. You are looking for innovative ways to reach your customers and you know that the closer you can get to your customers, the more you can understand about them and, in turn, grow your business. You like the idea of a personal sales force, someone who is an authentic advocate of your product(s), who has the ear of a community and who wants to help you grow. You’re prepared to receive orders and distribute your product(s) in order to achieve direct contact with your customers, and you’re happy to reward your product champion with a share of the profits.

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