Occasionally I’ll browse back through my blog and discover posts that I’d almost forgotten I’d written.  I’ve got my favourites, then there’s the posts that did really well in terms of page views – and they’re not always the same! Here’s my current Top Ten, in no particular order:

And then she pokes him in the eye – October 2010

And the award for most over-expectant parent goes to... –  October 2010

I never did learn to – August 2010

What kind of parent are you? – June 2010

Trust in Me – June 2010

Who Am I Fooling? – April 2010

Losing My Religion – April 2010

I just don’t ‘get’ Twitter – February 2010

A Modern Addiction -February 2010

Paranoia – January 2010

The Boy Wonder – January 2010

If you stuck around long enough to discover there are 11 instead of 10, you’re a scholar – I thank you…