I’ve been away for a week, on the rather gorgeous and pretty remote Isle of Raasay (Western Isles, Scotland for any geographobes out there).  Obviously I’ve returned with a camera full of images and a head full of thoughts but first I’ve got a shed load of housekeeping to do – in more ways than one. 

However, I had to share this little pearl with you.

Travelling on one of our many roadtrips around the island, the 8yo was instructing the 5yo about plurals – yes, when he takes time off being a police cadet he’s actually a very good teacher.  We’d dealt with sheep and sheep – of which there were bounteous supplies.  Moving on to slightly more complex plurals the following exchange took place:

8yo: What’s the plural for Octopus?

5yo: Squids

8yo: No, it’s Octopi

5yo: Oh

8yo: What’s the plural for Fish?

5yo: Fishy Pie?

Boom tish….

Fishy Pie
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