I’m blogging over at ITPR today about my take on nofollow links and disclosure. It’s a hot topic right now and personally I think it’s impossible to divorce this issue from the wider question of disclosure and transparency and how that affects all of us in our daily internet use.

I admire anyone who slogs to create a successful blog; it takes dedication, vision and a very clear sense of self, not to mention LOADS of time writing, promoting and building a network.  Endangering that reputation because you’re under pressure, either for financial reasons or because of relationships with PRs who could care less, is not something that sits comfortably with me.

Working with In the Powder Room has meant being part of something that (in my opinion) presents a viable alternative.  Using your online reputation to promote products and services you genuinely believe in – and earning money from it. Based on the premise of referral marketing, Social Commerce is the natural place for influential bloggers to move to – forging direct relationships with producers of quality products, enhancing their reputation, retaining your blogging integrity, and earning from the process. It’s a winner!


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