I’m experiencing something of a personality conflict; heart-pounding as if for an exam I’m sure I’ll fail, it’s clear in my head that this blog is supposed to be about me in my professional capacity talking about the power of expressive communications and yet….. I’m almost intolerably drawn to the idea of using it to spill in the manner of a teenage diary. I guess it’s a tangible lesson in how we’ve all come to view the internet and the sense of anonymity it grants us, not to mention the voyeuristic delights it affords us in tapping into the inner mechanics of a stranger’s brain.

I recently read a blog entry from “Outraged of Oxford” (identities have been changed to protect the innocent) bemoaning the lack of grammar, proliferation of misspellings and interminable text speak from ‘so called writing professionals’. I was interested in how personally he took the English Language being mangled and dissected and his sense of vitriol that people get paid to make a hash of communicating for others. Personally, I’m torn; I love this language and take great enjoyment from listening to those with a mastery that I can only wish for. But more than that I value the power of communication, the ways in which simple ideas can be translated and shared whether for profit or altruism and surely the method is less important than the outcome?

I’m contemplating my reasons for being here – not in a metaphysical sense, but in a real “Why am I writing this” kind of sense. It’s a curious leap for someone who makes a living from writing about other people’s businesses to devote quality time to writing about her own. Whether I’ll sustain it will ultimately come down to an equation involving time, inspiration and motivation….

You’re more than welcome to join me and see where it takes us…

An Introduction
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