I ended last year by tweeting my personal Top 10 positive changes that every business could benefit from considering.  Here’s a quick reminder so that I can look back on them and write about them in more detail over the coming weeks.  The order is incidental – literally what came to mind on each day – and in my opinion all of equal importance to business development and holistic communications.

If you’ve got more to add, I’d be interested to hear them….

Looking forward in 2010, what positive changes are you going to make?…

#1 Make your proposition transparent to all (inc. your employees)

#2 Be clear about your message & your strategy before you communicate

#3 Embrace social media… but be authentic – respect your audience

#4 Stop wasting budget on piecemeal, disparate comms – get strategic!

#5 Don’t wait ’til Spring…get organised now with a Collateral Audit

#6 Your Website is open 24/7, 365 days a year: Does your shop window need updating?

#7 Audit the capacity of internal resources – evaluate on skills & ABC

#8 Intelligent Outsourcing – could it take you to the next level?

#9 Share your knowledge and experience without agenda; WGACA (generally!)

#10 Stop, listen, evaluate and evolve – close the loop.


My Top 10 positive changes for 2010

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