I’m feeling a little ranty today.  This week I’ve read two local news stories that have got me all stirred up.  Firstly the plans to turn libraries into charities, no doubt to be run by voluntary committees and lottery funded.  In Government parlance this will give local people the opportunity to really get involved in the mechanics of how their services are run.  In real speak it’s about cuts and reduced provision.

Then a letter home from school warning us of massive planned cuts to the sports budget –  Gove has confirmed cuts of £162m – which could have massive effects on the futures of all of our (state schooled) children.

Apparently the Condems want to turn the proletariat into obese, illiterate wastrels – so much easier to herd that way. George Orwell would be laughing all the way to Room 101. It would appear that the Ministry of Truth exists in modern day governance – tell people something enough times and they will believe it. Personally if I hear one more time about “the mess that Labour left us with” I’m going to turn up at Question Time and start lobbing copies of 1984 at anyone in a blue tie and a smug grin.

Labour didn’t precipitate the Global Recession, that was all Fanny’s fault, and a bit of homework from the blancmange brained crowd wouldn’t go amiss. I’m not naive enough to say that he had all the answers either but with eyes-wide-open I’m looking around at the changes already taking place and growing scared about their potential long term effects.

Cameron and Clegg and their old boys network must be rubbing their hands right now.  Not only do they have the morale boosting effect of the Olympics to leverage, but now they have a Royal Wedding too – who wouldn’t love to be working in that PR office right now?  We’re surely a short step away from a ‘leaked memo’ outlining Uncle Dave’s heart to hearts with Will about the importance of marriage and family values – and we’ll believe it too won’t we?

Winston Smith is alive and well and working for the ConDemNation
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