It seems that there’s some healthy rivalry in the blogging world at the moment.  My sister and brother in the North are trying to outdo each other in producing the hardest-music-quizzes-in-the-world-ever.  That’s just not my style, I’m nice like that.  I’ve done the odd quiz like this one, or this one but they weren’t head-banging-against-a-brick-wall hard, they were doable just like this next one, which I’ve made even easier than its predecessor.

Consider it your tea break leisure quiz, then if you really want to be taxed, go and click those links up above – but I warn you, they’re merciless!

As usual there are no prizes, unless someone wants to chuck one in the pot.  You’ll receive the usual trinkets of adoration and link love if you’re of the blogging persuasion. Simple adoration if you’re not.  Email your answers to me before Wednesday if you please.

Another visual spectacular….
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